Organize Your CDs for DJing
The secret to creating a successful mixed CD.


This is a special technique that is used by hundreds of top DJs.  If you release and sell your CDs, this mix will get higher review scores.  If you're making a mix for your friends, there's a higher chance that they will burn it onto CDs and copy it to their iPods.

This magic "sauce" creates the perfect DJ mix:

    1) Your first track must be an instrumental (no vocals)

    2) Your second track must have vocals

    3) The duration of your first track must be shorter than 2 minutes 30 seconds

    4) The duration of your second track must be shorter than 4 minutes

    5) All subsequent tracks must be shorter than 5 minutes

This trend appears on many successful DJ CDs.  Try it yourself and hear how good it sounds.

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Yakov Vorobyev is the president of Mixed In Key LLC.