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Energy boost mixing creates a lift on the dance floor.

How To

Detect the key of your current song, and pick the next song to be 1 or 2 semitones above it.


If you're in C Minor, your next key should be D-flat Minor (+1 semitone) or D Minor (+2 semitones). Take a look at the image above. The rule is always the same, just go "right" on the piano from your original key.

The effect is really interesting: Energy on the dance floor will rise. It doesn't work with every song, but most of the time it can create a pleasant effect.

Does this translate to Camelot numbers?

Yes. To go up one semitone, add 7 to your current Camelot number. If you're in E-flat Minor (2A), add 7 and you'll be in E Minor (9A).

To go up two semitones, just add 2 to your current Camelot number. If you're in C Minor (5A), add 2 and you'll get D Minor (7A). Play your next tune in 7A, and you'll experience an energy boost mix.

How fast should the mix be?

It's better to mix quickly, because the melodies will clash.  You're going for a specific effect, and not a long blend.

Who uses it?

I've heard DJ Sasha and Armin Van Buuren use this technique.  Whether it was intentional or not, it sounded great. 

Over 20,000 DJs have read this tip since I posted this tip on the Mixed In Key community.  Mixing +2 semitones is my favorite DJ technique.

Every DJ should try this mix.

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