Organize Your CDs for DJing
Here is a method that may help you organize your music CDs.  It's fun, easy to use, and helps you get into Harmonic Mixing.


1. Detect the key of every song in your music collection

2. Burn separate CDs for each key. For example, put all your 8A tracks on one CD. Put 9A on another CD.

3. If you burn two copies of every CD, you can mix between songs in the same key. Added benefit: If one CD gets scratched, you can play another copy.

4. Print a CD label with the following information:

  • Keycode on top (8 in this case)
  • Date the CD was made
  • Full track names

Using Color Labels

Add some color on top. This will help you find the right CD because your visual memory will connect "8A" with red.

We use three different colors to label our CDs:

Blue for keycodes 11 to 1

Orange for keycodes 2 to 5

Red for keycodes 6 to 10

Here is an example of 8A:

Here is an example of 4A:

Here is 11A:

How To Sort Your CDs

We usually put 1A / 1B in the front and 12A / 12B in the back of the CD wallet. Sort your CDs from low numbers to high numbers. This way, you can flip one page forward or one page backward, and see other compatible songs. It makes finding "the next tune to play" very easy.

In Summary
  • Burn separate CDs for each key
  • Make two copies of every CD
  • Sort your CD wallet from low to high numbers

Your CD collection will be easy to browse. We have field-tested this method for many years and it worked great for us.

Discussion about CD organization
  About The Author

Yakov Vorobyev is the president of Mixed In Key LLC.